The Remarkable Story of Penrith Gaels

The Remarkable Story of Penrith Gaels

Borne out of the Northern Ireland Troubles, the Penrith Gaels Irish Club in Western Sydney is a remarkable tribute to an extraordinary group of people who hail mainly from West Belfast. 

They left in the late 1960s and 1970s for a better life in Australia and recreated a little bit of home by playing Gaelic games. They even built a superb club with voluntary labour in the 1990s and it now serves the whole community. 

And, although the Penrith Gaels teams now play an hour away in Bondi, the Irish Club maintains strong links with the GAA scene. 

As current Gaels Senior Football manager Barry Devine declares proudly, 'we are the only club out here with a social club and the only one with a real history'.

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