Enda Muldoon Interview

Enda Muldoon Interview

See an interview with Enda Muldoon as he explains the reasons behind retirement from the Derry jersey after 15 years of service.

Speaking at an exhibition game to mark the 10th anniversary of Ballinderry Shamrocks All Ireland Senior success, the 'Big Easy' said it was simply 'time to go'. 

"I had a great career for 15 years and I played with a lot of great players but I just wasn't enjoying it any more. It takes a lot of commitment compared to when I started'.

Enda won an All Star in 2004 and has been hailed as one of the most naturally talented players to have worn the Derry shirt. However, he also feels that Derry 'underachieved' in his time and he particularly regrets an All Ireland Quarter-final defeat to Galway in 2001. 

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