Italians Love 'Beautiful Gaelic sport!'

Italians Love 'Beautiful Gaelic sport!'

See a special report from the first ever hosting of a Swiss-Italian Regional Tournament in Rome on Saturday May 18, with all-Italian teams stealing the show. 

Rovigo and Padova opened proceedings with a derby game that reflected both Italian passions and GAA parish rivalries. Afterwards, Raffaelo Franco revealed that he founded the Rovigo club after buying a Gaelic football while on honeymoon in Ireland. 'Gaelic Football is a beautiful sport!'

The Rome Tournament also saw the first Italian-born referee take charge of an official game in continental Europe, further proof of the rapid growth of the GAA outside Ireland. 

'We are growing at a rate of 20 per cent every year' says European GAA Secretary Tony Bass. 'We have 75 tournaments this year and 70 clubs, which is more than ten counties in Ireland'. 

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