St Mungo's are back! September 2015

St Mungo's are back! September 2015

'It's the best Show we've ever had in Clady Hall' - organiser Jenny Loughran summed up the positive reaction to the first St Mungo's Show of the new season, on Friday September 4. 

Jenny's clubmates lined up to add their compliments to Grimes & McKee after a hilarious evening in North Armagh.

'I laughed from the start to the finish', says Leon Gallogly, while Michael Clarke said he would 'definitely go to see it again', and Club Vice-Chairman Gary Loughran recommended the Show to other clubs.

'It's easy to run, it sells itself, it's a great fundraiser. We had everyone here from under-age through to past players and seniors, and they've all had a ball'.

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