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Jerome Interview TyroneWelcome to the wonderful world of web video. It's the future, thanks to ever-improving technology and the social media network.


As you can see from the videos here, games and events can be filmed and produced in HD packages for anyone to see around the world. This means that GAA club games can have a profile they are unlikely to get from the conventional media outlets.


And, you can produce the videos from anywhere in the world. For example, I have uploaded reports and interviews from Argentina to Abu Dhabi and from San Francisco to Sydney. Web users were able to watch the videos almost instantly.




Have a look around the site and feel free to contact me with any queries or requests. You can purchase most of the videos on specially compiled DVDs. That is, I can construct a DVD to suit your request.




I have a team of reporters and camerapersons who you can hire for games or events in order to produce video work.



Jerome with Peter CanavanWORK FOR ME

Many school-leavers and graduates have skills which are useful in the world of web video but they need hands-on experience. Feel free to contact me to gain valuable experience behind a camera or a microphone.




With 20 years experience of award-winning TV presentation and production behind me, I can help you with special events. Whether you are looking for an MC or video preparation to promote your business, I'd be happy to advise and help.




Similarly, I am available to lecture and/or present tutorials to pass on my knowledge and skills at colleges in the process of preparing students for the world of New Media.


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