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20th Nov 2010

Tyrone SFC, Dublin SFC or SHC or IHC, Omagh Ladies, Drumaness, O'Donnell's, Lamh Dhearg and Bredagh - DVDs are now available from all of these stories in 2010. 

DVDs can also be compiled using videos on this website, so if you spot something you like you may be able to purchase it on DVD. It could be either a single video or a compiliation of videos, or maybe footage of a whole match. Feel free to contact me with any queries - or fill in the comment box at the bottom of the page. 



Donal O'Brien - 7 Dec 2010

I was wondering how do i actually buy the dublin sfc dvd and is it just the final thats shown or is there footage of a few different games?

You just email me at the address given. The DVD has loads of games, maybe 15/16 from the whole SFC. It's not full games but video reports mixed with interviews and action. Let me know if you need more info.  

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